VisitAFarm Explained

for an agriculture tour in the Netherlands

VisitAFarm Explained

VisitAFarm is a tour desk for the agricultural sector specifically. It was founded and is run by Marianne Eringa.

Marianne Eringa has worked for agricultural organizations for many years. She has worked for the interests of farmers’ partners working on family farms and for entrepreneurs in multifunctional agriculture. Besides this, she was responsible for an ongoing exchange of knowledge and experience with farmers’ organizations in developing countries.

She founded VisitAFarm in 2015. During her previous international work, she regularly received requests from foreign businesses or organizations for her to organize farm visits. She then learned that she found organizing and supervising agricultural tours to be both interesting and enjoyable. Additionally, she was struck by the way Dutch farmers enjoyed talking to groups of people about their businesses.

She hopes to accomplish more of this with VisitAFarm. In addition to her knowledge of the agricultural sector, she took training as a tour guide and has experience in that sector. As a result she is eminently qualified to organize and guide tours from beginning to end.

Marianne Eringa

Marianne Eringa


Marianne is a very skilled and passionate person. In my former management position, I was fortunate to attend several of her agricultural excursions. Marianne organized excursion called “Toer de Boer op” for the Committee on International Cooperation (commissie Internationale Samenwerking) and Agriterra. She offers an interestingly varied program that suits the group. I recommend her services wholeheartedly. Marja Hartman

Marianne Eringa listens carefully to the wishes of the visiting delegation.With every group, she ensures a customized program that fits well. She knows the industry and has a broad network.

Klaas Johan Osinga

LTO Nederland

First of all I would like to thank you most sincerely for the warm hospitality and excellent arrangements to me and my delegation during our visit to the Netherlands. My delegation very much appreciates and enjoys your kind arrangement for us to visit a family run dairy farm so that we can learn about farmer advocacy, farmer empowerment and the promotion of applied research in farming practices.

A response from a Thai delegation